Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Silva Ultra Mind ESP Workshop ....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Silva Ultramind ESP instructor, Law of Attraction Trainer, Holistic healer and facilitator of more than 25 modalities)

Silva Ultra Mind ESP Workshop on 22nd & 23rd March 2014

“The Workshop was very well conducted and gives me a lot of peace and calmness in my mind. It is bringing alot of confidence in myself. Would love to learn more and more of Silva. In gratitude of Sahar for giving me such a beautiful experience.
Jyotika.B.Kharabanda- New Delhi
“I couldn’t believe the level of intuition I was able to develop with Sahar. The fees is only a small expense, over the years I am going to derive alot of emotional and financial joy . Sahar was a great teacher, facilitator and medium to help us tap into that with ease.
Aditya Singh – Managing Director (Business Group), New Delhi.
“Amazing ! Thank you for making me realize and acknowledge the capacities we have to tap into our awesomeness. What would it take to spread this knowledge to all on this planet,Where would humanity function from then ? Cool...Thank you !
Kanwal Basur – Enterprenouer, Chandigarh-India
“ I was pleasantly surprised as to the level of awareness i had specially in the health cases. Sahar is an extremely good trainer , very patient and encouraging.”
Sangeeta Kichhar – Energy Healer / New Delhi , India.
“It was a nice experience to know how to balance the right and the left brain hemisphere. Meditations at times were a bit too long. I am sure it will benefit me in the future.”
Raj Jain – New Delhi, India
“Great learning Experience.....Amazing facilitator skills of Sahar made the intense subject look very easy, will surely join more courses facilitated by Sahar.”
Varun Bammi- HR Manager, Baxter – New Delhi , India
“Very effective way to meditate and being aware , helps in believeing in one’s potential of mind and power of awareness. Sahar amazing being and a teacher.”
Swati Chawla – Employed, New delhi, India
“ Very Nice & confidence builder. Made me believe in my sixth sense more and gave me confidence in myself. Nicely done by Sahar and nice group of people to be with during the course. Will practice and hope to increase my ESP further as we go on life.”
Amit Kharabanda- Executive Director. New delhi-India
“It was a nice feeling , Experience was very reassuring and has shifted alot in me. Sahar is an amazing Instructor, very thorough, skillful and made sure our concepts and doubts got cleared. Thank You “
Tanuja – Healer/ Sacred Healing Energy – New Delhi, India
“ It was a great Experience and remote viewing was a good way of knowing information. Had an amazing time and great shift in energy and vibration “.
Harpreet Pasricha – New Delhi, India.
“Have the faith in my Alpha instilled, will be able to practice and take it forward. Hope to heal.”
Smriti Singh – IT Professional/ Chandigarh , India.